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Our school has the following facilities to cater for the varying needs of our learners:

  • Fully equipped kitchen allowing learners to bring food according to their dietary needs. The kitchen is also used for baking lessons.

  • Adapted bathroom, with height-adjustable hygiene station

  • Multiple classrooms to cater for small-group learning

  • Trampoline and outdoor play equipment

  • Therapy room that is used for Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy

  • Large garden

  • Wheelchair-accessible doorways and passages

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Most of our learners require facilitators, who are employed directly by parents. The need for a facilitator will be assessed when an application is made to the school. A facilitator’s role serves two main purposes:

  • The practical, physical role of hygiene, feeding and communication

  • A vital role of skilfully enabling the learner to access extra educational opportunities that would not be possible without the physical assistance.


Learners also have access to outside service providers who visit the school. The following services are not compulsory, and where applicable, are invoiced directly to parents in addition to the school fees:

  • Speak2Me Speech therapy and Alternative Augmented Communication (AAC)

  • Physiotherapy

  • 4 Ever Fit 4 Kidz Music and Movement Classes

  • Volunteers

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